Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Doomsday Dion pilloried at jobs rally

Word from Ottawa this hour is that Stéphane Dion was forced to abandon his prepared remarks to a group of workers when the crowd turned on him – badly.

The demonstration on Parliament Hill was calling on the Conservatives to wake up and smell the crisis in Ontario and Quebec’s manufacturing sector.

When Dion got up to address the crowd – surely on the invitation of his pal Buzz Hargrove – murmurs began as folks recognized that this was the same Liberal leader who had flip-flopped and voted against a ban on scab labour only a month back.

By the time Dion was to the part where his speechwriter was urging tax cuts for all, the crowd was a chorus of “Booo!” and “Anti-Scab!”

By now well-attuned to any sign that the Master Communicator has failed to reach the hearts of his subjects, Dion’s staff had pulled their guy off the podium to safety behind Ken Dryden.

More signs that Dion's common touch is really catching on.

Anyone who was near the rally with a camcorder is reminded that YouTube is free to use.

UPDATE: Video is here courtesy of Canadian Press


Jim said...

"ANTI SCAB! ANTI SCAB!" I was there, the biggest trainwreck of a speech I've ever seen.

janfromthebruce said...

I saw Jack Layton in the background, looking on this trainwreck, probably wondering why this liberal could possibly think that voting against labour friendly bills endears him to the worker movement. And taxcuts, no this crowd doesn't want taxcuts - wrong crowd Dion - they want to ensure well paying jobs remain in Canada. Free trade is not feeling so good to this crowd. What could he have been possibly thinking. Slap upside down on the head!