Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Introducing the NEW NDP website: now with 97% more ass-kicking!!

Not to be outdone by the new-look Globe and Mail, the NDP launched their new "re-imagined" website this morning and it’s pretty sharp.

From an ascetic standpoint (and with all partisanship aside, of course) theirs has always looked the best of the three major parties: very clean, good use of white space, and simple navigation. Contrast that with the Conservatives who run a pretty cluttered site, and the Liberals who appear to have ripped-off Dion's old site, which was really just a rip-off of the old NDP site.

The new version also makes good use of graphics throughout. The O’Connor resignation count-down (or count-up, really) is terrific.

And showing some commitment to this medium, they have added a new section with tools for bloggers, including skins for WordPress and Blogspot.

(Hmm, BADH might be due for a make-over, too.)

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