Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This Horse is in the Running

The worst kind of blogging is blogging that is about blogging.

The very first post here way back set out that there would be none of that in this lonely corner of the internet. There's just too much else going on in the wacky and deadly-serious world of Canadian politics to get all self-referential and navel-relevant.

That said, excuse this tiny exception. Seems some nice soul has nominated BaDH for a Canadian Blog Awards '09, along with some other amazing blogs.

So, um, just sayin' is all.

Now back to regular non-blogging blogging.


Ian said...

Somehow I made the nom list too. Here's hoping some Progs make round 2 at least.

The Red Fox said...

Good luck.I gave you a vote as I enjoy your views.I say that as one of them, on the dark side.