Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where’s Iggy?

The Conservative ranks are reeling today.

Richard Colvin’s testimony that senior officials tried to silence his warnings about Canadian government complicity in the torture of prisoners in Afghanistan is the most serious indictment the Conservative front-bench has faced in its four years.

In response today, New Democrats have rightly called for a public inquiry.

Peculiar though is the complete absence at this time of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff -- not just from the file, but from Ottawa.

According to the Canadian Press, the Liberal leader is about as far from Ottawa as you can get:

KENORA, Ont. _ Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff attends town hall with local Liberal candidate. (7:30 p.m. at Cascade Room, Best Western Lakeside Inn, 470 First Ave. S.)

THOMPSON, Man. _ Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff meets with students from the University College of the North, and then takes part in Q & A session. (11 a.m. at University College of the North, Room P4-100, 494 Princeton Drive)

At the time of unparalleled controversy in Ottawa and accusations of Conservative complicity in torture, why is Ignatieff not in Ottawa?

Liberals say Ignatieff is out of Ottawa reconnecting with Canadians. But the reality is that even Liberals realize Mr. Ignatieff has zero credibility to be appalled by torture given his own appalling position on the matter:

The Liberals and their leader can expect to be lost in the wilderness for some time.


janfromthebruce said...

Sure would like to see Iggy try to frame his support of torture with his disgust of Harper govt torture coverup - or perhaps Iggy might think that electing libs would mean they "would do better" (at cover-ups & torture). tee-hee

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh stop your whining! At least he's not writing another wonderful book to remind us of just how "Canadian" he really is.

Scott Tribe said...

It wasn't Layton who announced on behalf of the NDP they wanted a full public inquiry. Where's your criticism of him? Why did Dewar do it instead?

Which leads to my next point; Bob Rae demands for the Liberals a full public inquiry... meaning the Liberals and Ignatieff support this call by the NDP... and that Jack Layton supports an inquiry, even if it wasn't him doing the announcing today of their demands.

Darwin O'Connor said...

I don't know. If Ignatieff had to race back to Ottawa for every Conservative scandal, he'd never be able to leave.

catnip said...

Why did Dewar do it instead?

Dewar is the foreign affairs critic.

The Red Fox said...

So if shooting water up the nose of a taliban prevented another Canadian soldiers death by IED, thats wrong ? Taliban Jack,yup thats a good moniker!At least Iggy gets it and I say' Hook Up The Hose'

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