Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Iffy still re-thinking Thinkers' Conference

Remember Michael Ignatieff’s big thinkers’ conference? You know, the one that is supposed to fill the chasm-like void in Liberal Party policy with ideas befitting the modern era?

Hey, wouldn’t it be funny - so as to put a poke-your-eyes-out like point on the problem plaguing Iffy and his team - if they couldn’t even settle on a date for the damn conference?

Well, um, here’s this then …

First there was this:

“Sometime this summer or fall, Ignatieff said he also intends to hold a 'thinkers' conference' that will address some of the 'big long-term questions' facing the country over the next 25 years, going well beyond the more immediate scope of the campaign platform."

Then there was this:

"A much touted 'Thinkers' Conference' expected this fall has instead been postponed until next year, possibly in January."

And, um, then this:

“The federal Liberals will hold their much-postponed 'thinkers' conference' in Montreal in mid-January, leader Michael Ignatieff says.”

And today, with all the fanfare owing a process resembling five pre-teen girls texting back and forth to decide when to meet to try out a new hair straightener, there’s this:

“I am pleased to announce today that the Liberal Party of Canada will host a special conference in Montreal, March 26 to 28, 2010, 'Canada at 150: Rising to the Challenge'.”

So now, here's the obvious question: what does this say about Iffy’s willingness to defeat Harper when Liberals have now parked their scheduled and re-scheduled thinkers’ conference right in the middle of where a spring election is supposed to go?


Ti-Guy said...

I wish there were a way to vote down posts on Progressive Bloggers that have irritating and juvenile titles with words like "Iffy" in them.

You're dumbing down PB.

Blogging Horse said...

Thanks for dropping by, Ti-Guy.

Steve V said...

Maybe more amusing, you're reduced to parroting CONSERVATIVE troll word creations.

Too funny.

Jimmie said...

There you Liberals go again, giving credit where it ain't due.

"Iffy" isn't a Tory invention.

Do your research: Dipper's coined the expression first.

Don't believe me?

Check your twitter.

Ti-Guy said...

If the Dippers want to take credit for coining the dumb nickname "Iffy," they can be my guest.

Oppo said...

Awww. You Libs are just sour that Kinsella's "Capitu-Layton" never caught on ... nevermind that it lost its edge once your guy got Coderre'd and had to scrap his phoney election play.

Wayne said...

If Ignatieff is smart he will stay on vacation as that way maybe his numbers won't plummet. Let's face a little reality here hyper partisans : every time Mikey stands up and opens his mouth he drops another few points in ht epolls .. so if he is smart he will take the gift that harper is giving hime and keep visitng campuses hopintg some of the students don't realize that he is tryin to emulate Obama. It must really suck to be a liberal right now!

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