Monday, November 19, 2007

NDP building momentum to fight Harper, while Liberal MPs look after their own jobs

A tale of two opposition parties:

The Effective Opposition: In Saskatchewan, where Harper took almost every seat in 2006, the NDP is aggressively building an organization to take him on, which could include former cabinet ministers Lon Borgerson, and Graham Addley.

One of Layton’s top advisors also dropped the tempting hint that Jack is "likely to reach out to" former NDP premier Lorne Calvert as well.

The Artificial Opposition: The Dion Liberals are so scared of what voters might do to them that they are continuing to roll over to keep Harper in office -- this time choosing to betray workers and communities in the beleaguered forestry and manufacturing sectors.

How much longer will Canadians tolerate Liberal MPs implementing Harper’s agenda for him?


Anonymous said...

Good luck with Borgerson and Addley.

Compare this to our prize list in Sask: David Orchard, Chris Axworthy and hopefully Janice Mackinnon and Roy Romanow.

We want good solid Sask Dippers who have a good vision of what Canada needs to do in the future (as in the three I mentioned above). Have fun with Nettie Wiebe, a good candidate but someone who is tied to a Sask of decades past.

Sean S. said...

Axworthy is done....two kicks at the can and no dice.

David Orchard, haha....good luck with that one.

Mackinnon and Romanow, haven't heard of either jumping into the Federal Liberal ship, and why would they given the Lib numbers in the last few federal elections here in Sask.

Anonymous said...


We have two seats in Sask while you guys have been shut out since Layton took over.

Not sure Mackinnon and Romanow are doing now, but a jump would probably be post-Dion. But more likely to be with us once the Grits become more credible.

Who can knock off Vellacott? I am all ears.

Jay said...

Two seats, Mushroom? One seat. Gary Merasty resigned effective August 31, leaving Desneth√©—Missinippi—Churchill River unrepresented. Just on the subject of "building momentum" and all.

Malcolm+ said...


Every time a federal election is in the offing, we here Liberals claiming that Roy Romanow will be their start candidate. In fact, I've been hearing that for about 25 or 30 years now.

He didn't do it when his close friend Jean Chretien was Liberal leader. It's fundamentally silly to think he'll do it now.

He's 65 years old. He's got his legacy. Keep dreaming.

Malcolm+ said...

Oh. And BTW, the last federal NDP leader to lead the party to successive Saskatchewan shut-outs was some guy named Douglas.

Anonymous said...


25-30 years?

This makes it 1977 to 1982. Blakeney was Premier then and Romanow was an upstart. So was Chretien.

Just a nitpicking point of contention.

Malcolm+ said...

Yes, that long. Throughout the Blakeney years the rumour that Roy Romanow and / or Lorne Nystrom would be switching to the federal Liberals was a recurring Liberal fantasy.