Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dion supporters "running out of excuses"

If you are Stephen Harper, you must wake every morning grateful for two things: Peter MacKay’s keen sense of opportunism and Stephane Dion.

Consider just the latest: When Harper signaled he would be ending Canadian involvement in Kyoto and giving $14 billion in tax cuts to banks and oil companies, Dion not only ordered his MPs to roll over, he threatened to punish any MP who wanted to oppose Harper.

In his latest column, Montreal radio host Tommy Schnurmacher describes the mood of Liberals in Dion’s hometown:

“Even Dion’s fans within the party — and they are few and far between — are at a loss for what to do or what to say. They are running out of excuses. Whenever they talk about their leader, they avert their eyes or shift from one foot to another. They know they made a whopping mistake . . . One Liberal hack, still recovering from Thomas Mulcair’s victory in Outremont, says that he is concerned that the NDP might become the Official Opposition.”

Hate to break it to Schnurmacher’s Liberal source, but by every measure except Stornaway, the NDP is already the official opposition in Ottawa.

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red and proud said...

The NDP should follow the example of MacKay and Harper and join with the Liberals.