Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dion Flip-Flop #231 - "Newfound" support for the Atlantic Accord

It’s tough to get too bent out of shape about Stephane Dion’s flip-flops anymore.

The guy has made so many of them: letting Sponsorship scandal figures back into the Liberal Party (or not); being in favour of the Afghanistan mission (or not); opposing the extension of said mission to 2009 (or not); supporting a ban on scab labour (or not); being in favour of intensity targets for greenhouse gases (or not).

Dion’s “toggle politics” actually lend Paul Martin the retrospective comparison of a decisive man of action.

But Dion’s latest – his “new found” support of the Atlantic Accords - isn’t going unnoticed by anyone.

Jack Layton’s widely reported response says it best: "The ferocity of Mr. Dion's opposition to this whole approach to federalism from Day 1 should leave everybody with a significant measure of mistrust when it comes to whatever he says today."

A once-wise politician had it right when he said, the Liberal Party morphs like it’s a beanbag chair, it always "looks like the last person who sat on it.'' A good line from . . . wait for it . . . Dion’s error apparent, Bob Rae.

Yet another Liberal politician who would do well to keep track of the things he says.

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