Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Premier Darrell Dexter

This, of course, is huge.

The first time a New Democrat government has been formed in Nova Scotia.

The first east of Ontario, and the first time a new party has had a breakthrough into government since 1990.

There will be plenty more firsts to come from Canada's newest government in the days to come.
For now, it’s time to congratulate Nova Scotians for their deliberate choice.

For weeks they were bombarded with baseless attacks about the "reckless" and "risky" New Democrats and warnings of doom, so often from come-from-aways.

Yet 46% of Nova Scotians put that garbage where it belonged to put their trust in the man and the party who had earned it.

Congratulations, Nova Scotia. Congratulations Premier Dexter.


Oemissions said...


Saskboy said...

How long do we have to wait for NS to get PR?

kinch said...

Yes, Congratulations!

And don't blame all CFAs! I'm one after all.

BriguyHFX said...

That'll teach those other guys: You can only step on Nova Scotians for so long before we'll kick you out! How long? 140 years or so.

Saskboy: We'll probably have to wait beyond four years. The NDP can't do anything "risky" this time around, if you believe the CBC, CTV, Global, and all the sad cons I work with.