Monday, May 4, 2009

Subscribe to the Liberal Party and get a free clock radio & pen set

For a moment a jolt of electricity seemed to be in the air in the otherwise dull-as-dishwater convention coverage on Saturday. CPAC reporters took a break from their usual stalling for time or chatting-up delegates about by-law amendments and swollowed hard at the prospect of getting to report actual NEWS!

Across the land, Elevator Network viewers and retirement home rec room occupants were agape that the Liberal Party was about to announce a new … wait for it … logo!

But in all seriousness, a political party’s logo is an important part of its overall branding. It needs to be recognizable as well as say something about the party.

So isn’t it a bit odd that their new logo …

Appears to be an un-italicized throw-back to their old 1992-era logo?

And what about that new leaf device? What does it say about the new Ignatieff Liberals? Who knows? Perhaps it’s a reminder to renew their subscription to Macleans’.

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