Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ignatieff fails the first test of his leadership

For months Michael Ignatieff has said Stephen Harper can't be trusted.

But by walking away from the historic Liberal-NDP coalition today, Ignatieff is perversely showing confidence in Harper. The same Stephen Harper who played political games, shut down Parliament and broke a key promise on the Senate in the midst of a recession.

At the same time, Ignatieff is showing non-confidence in himself to be Prime Minister in these tough times.

Ignatieff has failed the very first test of his leadership.

Liberals will say "we can just defeat Harper later." True, but the Coalition option will be gone, and an election will be the only other option -- an election that the Liberal Party doesn't have the money or organization to fight. In sum: Ignatieff has saddled Canadians with a Harper government for years to come.

Edward Blake, the first Leader of the Liberal Party who didn't become Prime Minister.

Michael Ignatieff, the first Leader of the Liberal Party who didn't want to be Prime Minister.


Jimmie said...

Must be because they both went to the same repository for over-privileged twits: Upper Canada College.

The Mound of Sound said...

Not so. He failed his first test of leadership, at least Liberal leadership, when he unequivocally endorsed the Israeli assault on Gaza and totally absolved Israel of any responsibility for the carnage they caused.

This guy should head back to the States where he belongs.

Jimmie said...

Well, so much for the Liberal tough talk:

Iggy just did the NDP it's biggest favour since...Stephane Dion told his MPs to rubberstamp Harper's agenda 43 times.

TS said...

Well said. And now Liberals are trying to spin this as if Layton was the one to kill the coalition when he declared it dead.

Blogging Horse said...

Right. By that logic, the doctor who declares the time of death is the killer.

Liberals just solved every who-done-it ever written.

Oemissions said...

I agree with The Mound of Sound.

Anonymous said...

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