Tuesday, December 9, 2008

“Pushing a corpse from a speeding vehicle”

As today’s events in Illinois show - or the more local example of Conservatives raising the ethical bar by fraudulently recording and broadcasting a confidential caucus meeting - politics sometimes attracts the wrong kinds of people.

So when Liberal leader Stephane Dion announced his hastened departure from Stornaway yesterday, it was nice to see these incredibly kind words from New Democrat leader Jack Layton.

Layton’s words are all the more generous given the non-reaction Dion’s announcement elicited from others. Somewhere between “see ya, ‘round” to dead silence was offered up in memory of the Liberal leader - including from Liberals who were said to be 100% behind their leader last week.

As Bruce Cheadle wryly put it: “On Monday, NDP Leader Jack Layton distributed a glowing tribute to the departing Dion that made Liberal send-offs, by comparison, appear as perfunctory as pushing a corpse from a speeding vehicle.”


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Malcolm+ said...

When R.B. Bennett departed Ottawa after stepping down as Conservative Party leader, the only MP to see him off at the station was a rookie CCF MP named Tommy Douglas.

In general, we do well to remember that, in general, our political opponents are not evil, merely (we believe) wrong.

And that includes Stephen Harper.