Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do-over Dion cracks on television

Unless you have done it yourself – living five weeks on planes, busses and in hotels; being under constant exposure to a pack of 10 to 25 journalists who document your every move; having your every utterance scrutinized; and watching usually in bewilderment as good days turn bad – you can’t really understand what it’s like to run for prime minister.

It’s among the toughest jobs in order to earn Canada’s top job.

What makes it even tougher in 2008 is that the number one issue is the economy. Every one has an immediate stake in what happens next with the markets, interest rates, taxation and jobs – and they all want the politician in front of them to have the answers.

For Stephane Dion today on Halifax CTV, not having the answers on the number one issue wasn't entirely the problem … the problem was that he didn't have the question – not once, but three times ...

After weeks of repeating ad nauseum the same Liberal talking points about having a “plan to have a plan”, is it for real that Dion didn’t get the question put to him twice by the reporter and once by his own staff?

Who knows? But you can be sure of this: the only job tougher than running to be prime minister is being the prime minister.

Stephane Dion is just not the change we need.


Scott Tribe said...
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Scott Tribe said...

Horse, if I wanted to read Conservative talking points, I should see them at a Blogging Tory site or on a Conservative TV ad, not at an NDP site.

Face is, Layton isn't going to come anywhere near the Prime Minister job, nor even the Official Opposition, despite some pipedreams.

The choice for NDP-leaning voters to make is to choose between the 2 men who are going be the choice of PM - Harper or Dion. THat's all there is to it.

Blogging Horse said...

Speaking of talking points ...

But say, if we are going to live and die by polls, the red team is looking at a repeat of their worst performance in history. Way to put a smilie face on that.

People who want a real change still know where Jack Layton is on the ballot.

But thanks for dropping by, Scott.

Sean S. said...

Talking points indeed....

I choose neither Dion or Harper, I choose Layton.

Or is that not allowed?

Sean S. said...

Anyhow, to the interview segment posted here:

I really don't see a problem with it. The man was probably tired and didn't quite understand the subtle nature of the question.

Unfortunately, and judging by Scott's reaction, it might just be made bigger than it really is by his opponents.

Anonymous said...

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I encourage your comments and feedback.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Spare me the hyperpartisan, reductionist crap. You know perfectly well that elections are won and lost on a riding-by-riding basis. Don't you dare come and tell the people in my riding of Edmonton-Strathcona that the choice is between a Conservative and a Liberal unless you want to be responsible for reelecting a Tory.

Malcolm+ said...

A riding specific poll in Palliser, where I live, showed the New Democrats with more than twice the support of the Liberals (New Democrats 35.7% - Liberals 17.3%). Clearly, the only candidate with any chance of defeating the Conservatives (43.3%) would be the New Democrat.

So why, do you think, did I get an automated phone call last night from my local Liberal candidate telling me the only way to stop the Harper Conservatives was by voting Liberal?

Voting Liberal. In Palliser. Where the Liberals are a distant third. In Palliser. I am not making this up.

The Liberals are deliberately trying to ensure that the Conservative candidate wins the race in Palliser.

Frankly, it confirms what I have always thought.

So called "strategic" voting is not about defeating Conservatives. It is about defeating New Democrats.

Anonymous said...

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We are in the final stretch of the election and I am reaching out to beat Stephen Harper. Again, please feel free to share your opinions.
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