Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Hey everyone! It's David Emerson's anniversary!

That's right, two years ago today David "the anti-Harper" Emerson abruptly divorced 20,062 Vancouver--Kingsway voters who had entrusted him with their vote so he could shack-up with Stephen Harper.

Just like two years ago, this anniversary probably snuck-up on you. But don't worry about rushing out to get a gift, the NDP's got you covered:

(Cool graphic. Kinda reminds you of a CTV movie of the week. Are you listening, Rick Lewchuk , CTV Senior Vice-President, Program Planning and Promotion? Are you?)

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Jimmie said...

Stop beating up on Emerson...we OWE that guy.

Emerson, of course, serves a very important function for true progressives, all those poor saps who got swindled into believing a "vote for the NDP was a vote for Stephen Harper" malarky that Paul Martin and the "Think Twice" campaign (hello Elizabeth May) peddled in the last two elections.

Just like Wajid Khan and Joe Comuzzi, Emerson proved that too often a vote for the Liberal Party is a vote for Stephen Harper.

Not with the NDP, though. Vote NDP, get NDP. No exceptions.

No other party can boast that.