Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Credibility Watch: Liberals once again flip-flop on Afghan pullout date

A good measure of the waning relevance of a political party is how often it reverses itself on major issues and whether it even registers with the public when it does.

That their latest flip-flop on extending the mission Afghanistan got this apathetic coverage demonstrates that Dion and Friends still have a couple of nickels left in their credibility change purse.

Only a month ago, Liberals were setting themselves alight because not every party supported their motion to keep Canadian troops in Afghanistan until 2009. They said anyone who didn’t support them was giving Harper a blank cheque to extend the war past 2009.

So imagine the deafening sound of jaws-hitting-earth to see them inching back to the Ignatieff position of "We should stay there until we get the job done and return with honour."
This is what -- the fifth iteration of the Liberal position on Afghanistan? Or is anyone still keeping track?


Scott Tribe said...

Come now.. waning relevance? If you want to go at the issue of their position, that's fair game, but don't go over-dramatic here by claiming a political party that is tied or within the MOE of polls with the Conservatives has "waning relevance", as opposed to the NDP that's barely been in the news and is at between 13-17%.

Blogging Horse said...

Popular and relevant are not the same thing. Witness Lindsay Lohan.

Then there's St├ęphane Dion who is becoming neither as (a) only 12% of Quebecers wish him to be PM, and (b) his repeated flip flops have him haemorrhaging credibility like an open fire hydrant.

Jim said...

The Liberals are unbelieveable. A few weeks ago it was "This war is horrible, the government is incompetent, we need to withdraw... in two years!"

Now they are screaming "This war is horrible, the government is incompetent, we need to find a new role in the war... in two years!"

This and Dion getting booed off stage at a labour rally while standing next to his buddy Buzz are all the proof needed for the Liberals' incompetence.